Four Pieces of News

Four Pieces of News

It’s funny, i have a number of blog posts written up but never finished. What a metaphor for how life feels right now. On the edge of possibility, a seed that could easily never sprout, but maybe just might catch and grow.


Anyways, the good news I intended to start with was that I’m setting up a new workspace this weekend \o/ I should be setting up next to a big north-facing window, so there will be a lot of light but not direct light, and I’m going to pack away things I don’t immediately use so it’s easier to see what I actually need. My memory is horrible (horrible enough my doctor tested me for rare but possible, ridiculously-early alzheimer's) and needs visual prompting, so being able to see only what I need but not anything else is a huge help for productivity.

If memories were library books, my brain is like a library stuffed with books but with no listings to tell you where they are. Or if you’re a computer person, it’s like I have all this data on my harddrive but no pointers to anything.

So, I’m planning to build this new workspace around the idea of limiting what is around visually, and binning up the rest.


And, in this new space, we’ll be hopefully bonding our two rabbits with the new rescued one! They were kept separate until the little one, Basil, was old enough to be neutered and recover. Since this room was off-limits to them all previously, this should be a good neutral territory to get them used to being together (but in separate exercise pens for now) while letting me keep an eye on all of them and still able to work.


So big goals this weekend! Moving a lot around for my workspace and for the rabbits, and in this process, I’m gathering together a lot of my previous works to rescan and put up for sale on etsy! Hooray! It’s been a long time coming, but is finally the right space to do so. I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think, even if you’re not interested in buying art right now :)


The last thing for this weekend is to buy some stamps and mail out all these change of address postcards I designed! We moved recently, and now that the holidays are coming up, I’m sending out cards to let friends and family know our new mailing address. I’m quite happy with how my little rabbit watercolor on the front turned out, and have a video of the painting process too!

That’s all for now. Here’s hoping I can give you an update on Sunday night and report back how well it went, if at all ;)


It’s Monday! We got a lot done, a lot moved, but nothing scanned and when not napping, the rabbits are in a constant state of chaos. We’re still messing around with the rabbit configuration, and the two boy rabbits are peeing on everything. I’m worried about them working it out, and they obviously aren't allowed in the same space yet. But the new desk space is so much better, as I’m finally able to use this lovely (and free) glass tabletop, and share my workspace with both my husband and the rabbits. Exciting changes! And so much art to scan!!

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